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November 22, 2018

Mickey mouse 90 years! Representatives of the fashion industry were unable to ignore the anniversary of the most popular character of The Walt Disney Company, which became a symbol of American pop culture. Edition Chaos Sixty Nine gave him the latest issue, inviting designers and models to come up with a cover in the style of the famous mouse.

Bella Hadid and more models posed in the images, inspired by cartoon characters.


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October 18, 2018

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We’re used to seeing Bella Hadid rock some truly unforgettable beauty trends. Her past appearances may have relied on shades of soft coral makeup or a sparkly smoky eye, but a new collaboration with Dior has the model embracing this most scary season.

In celebration of the upcoming arrival of Halloween, Dior has cast Bella in the starring role of a short film centered around its makeup. The glamorous and scary tale which is titled “The Beauty of a Dark Dream” has Bella rocking some seriously high fashion Halloween looks. Working with Dior creative and image director Peter Philips, the model dons three different beauty routines that serve as the perfect potential costume inspiration.

As pointed out by E!, the first scene has Bella wearing an all-black ensemble. Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, which allows for a makeup palette of bright red lipstick (Rouge Dior 999), shimmery eyeshadow, and curled lashes to take center stage.

The first glimpse at the model might be a Halloween-inspired routine that you could also pull off as an everyday look, but the second scene proves a bit more ominous with its beauty. Her red makeup is amped up, with Bella again wearing Dior Rouge 999 lipstick. The classic shade of red lipstick is accompanied by red eyeshadow and Dior Rouge 999 blush. She also hides much of her hair under a black hood.

For her final look, Bella pays proper homage to the Halloween season, wearing deep crimson lipstick and an increase in the application of her red eyeshadow. The focal point of the look is its accompanying pattern of shapes. As explained in a press release from Dior, the look was achieved by tracing her face with Dior’s Matte White and Matte Black eyeliners. The intricate pattern covers much of her face and also wraps around her eyes. It ends with the addition of a third eye on her forehead.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the collaboration does provide some some much needed inspiration for any last-minute looks. Whether you choose to go scary in a possibly Riverdale-inspired Black Hood or you want to get creative and design your own face filled with shapes, Bella and Dior provide three routines that will help you achieve the high fashion Halloween of your dreams.

Source: Teen Vogue

October 1, 2018

Bella Hadid is reclining in an exotic majlis, erected for Bazaar’s shoot in the grounds of a 16th century villa overlooking Rome’s Olympic stadium, every inch the Arabian princess. With her Palestinian heritage and regal bearing – amplified by a wardrobe spanning looks from Giambattista Valli haute couture to designer-of-the-moment Marine Sere’s scarf-to-sportswear creations – Bella is simultaneously an Italian diva, worthy of the Bvlgari high jewels that adorn her, and a protagonist straight out of Arabian Nights.

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I think regardless of where a woman is from, it’s her spirit that is captured the most,” Bella says of the duality of her on-set character for Bazaar. “Portraying both an Italian diva and an Arabian princess, I feel I have to capture the strength and vibrant internal beauty of both kinds of woman.”

As one of the most in-demand models of her generation, Bella, who turns 22 this month, is no stranger to the kind of intrigue and mystery that shrouds the enigmatic woman she embodies in Bazaar’s story. With over 20 million followers on Instagram and the constant on-again off-again speculation that surrounds her every relationship – from romantic liaisons to her equally-famous family – Bella is philosophical when it comes to the emotions that fuel her inner life.

For me, love enriches all parts of my body. Whether that is giving love to someone who needs it, to fulfil my head; receiving love, to fulfil my heart; or teaching how to love, to fulfil my soul.

To ground her during the insane whirlwind of fashion shows and shoots, Bella relies on energy-giving crystals and essential oils to stave off anxiety in high-stress situations. “I love lavender oil because it reminds me of home,” she says,“I love mixing eucalyptus, lemon, Frankincense, mint and orange to spray as a refresher and to calm myself.

As one of a roster of the world’s most beguiling women who lend their image to the house of Bvlgari, Bella is nonetheless aware that the majesty of gems – such as the high jewellery pieces from Bvlgari’s Wild Pop collection that she dons here for Bazaar, is derived from the layers of humanity woven into the narrative behind them. If Bella were to bestow the ultimate gift of a piece of high jewellery it would be to, “My grandmother, my Oma, Ans Van Den Herik. She always had the most beautiful jewellery and she means so much to me. I hope it would make her smile because that would make me smile.” Truly, a bella donna.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

August 20, 2018

True Religion is betting on a second coming. The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based denim brand, which set the stage to emerge from bankruptcy late last year, has tapped California native model Bella Hadid to be the new face of the brand. Like the premium denim stalwart, Hadid is said to embody past and present, edgy and everlasting qualities, at least according to True Religion, which called her “the natural choice to meld the iconic essence of the brand with the modern view of its future.


An all-star creative team was assembled to shoot the fall campaign, which will begin appearing in media on Aug. 27 and in all store windows across the U.S. and U.K on Sept. 6. Photographer Boo George, stylist Mimi Cuttrell, and hair and makeup duo Jen Atkin and Mary Phillips created the imagery and looks to usher True Religion into a new era that honors the heritage of the brand.

It was a great experience shooting an iconic denim campaign in Los Angeles,” Hadid said. “I grew up with True Religion and was excited to play a part of the brand’s next chapter.”

According to the brand, Hadid’s voice was not only an inspiration, but an integral part in imagining the campaign. The first three images show Hadid in an edgy industrial setting, wearing vintage washed mid-rise jeans and cropped logo T-shirts, or high-waisted indigo jeans and no shirt, flaunting the signature horseshoe stitching on the back pockets.


August 15, 2018