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October 22, 2018

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October 22, 2018

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October 18, 2018

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We’re used to seeing Bella Hadid rock some truly unforgettable beauty trends. Her past appearances may have relied on shades of soft coral makeup or a sparkly smoky eye, but a new collaboration with Dior has the model embracing this most scary season.

In celebration of the upcoming arrival of Halloween, Dior has cast Bella in the starring role of a short film centered around its makeup. The glamorous and scary tale which is titled “The Beauty of a Dark Dream” has Bella rocking some seriously high fashion Halloween looks. Working with Dior creative and image director Peter Philips, the model dons three different beauty routines that serve as the perfect potential costume inspiration.

As pointed out by E!, the first scene has Bella wearing an all-black ensemble. Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, which allows for a makeup palette of bright red lipstick (Rouge Dior 999), shimmery eyeshadow, and curled lashes to take center stage.

The first glimpse at the model might be a Halloween-inspired routine that you could also pull off as an everyday look, but the second scene proves a bit more ominous with its beauty. Her red makeup is amped up, with Bella again wearing Dior Rouge 999 lipstick. The classic shade of red lipstick is accompanied by red eyeshadow and Dior Rouge 999 blush. She also hides much of her hair under a black hood.

For her final look, Bella pays proper homage to the Halloween season, wearing deep crimson lipstick and an increase in the application of her red eyeshadow. The focal point of the look is its accompanying pattern of shapes. As explained in a press release from Dior, the look was achieved by tracing her face with Dior’s Matte White and Matte Black eyeliners. The intricate pattern covers much of her face and also wraps around her eyes. It ends with the addition of a third eye on her forehead.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the collaboration does provide some some much needed inspiration for any last-minute looks. Whether you choose to go scary in a possibly Riverdale-inspired Black Hood or you want to get creative and design your own face filled with shapes, Bella and Dior provide three routines that will help you achieve the high fashion Halloween of your dreams.

Source: Teen Vogue