Bella Hadid’s article for Vogue Italia

Bella Hadid’s article for Vogue Italia

Article that Bella wrote for Vogue Italia about loving yourself, body positivity, self confidence and feminism.


The body we have

by Bella Hadid


Why do I love this pic so much? Look at us: there’s me, there’s Taylor. Every single thing we are surrounded by is colourful and fun. And all of that amazing food! I remember I was trying not to laugh (it’s not easy to be serious while someone is trying to put pasta right on your boobs).

Your can feel Mert and Marcus’s vibes everywhere: what else can I say about them except that I love them? I grew up a lot as a model thanks to them. Since I first started working with them I told myself and my agent that they would’ve been the first ones I would’ve posed naked for, and that’s what happened. It’s not because of our friendship, they’re the only photographers who can make me feel sexy, creative and relaxed even while I’m naked. They taught me that naked means art, not vulgarity. So that’s why these pics are not just pics to me, they’re masterpieces. Making art with a group of people who are just as happy as you are a to create something fabulous is the best part of my job. It’s useful to share a message: love your body, girls. That’s the only one you have, if you have if you take care of it and never forget that health comes first, you will always feel unbeatable. You are sexy, you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you that you are not! And if they do it, then fuck them! It means they don’t deserve you. Remember that beauty has so many shapes, so many colours, types of skin and sizes: but if it’s true, it will always make you feel confident.  Now, I don’t wanna avoid the hottest topic at the moment: nudity. Obviously getting naked is not the only way to be powerful as women. I know it really well, but I’m sure that if we fought all together to show others that our naked body isn’t “gross” but unbelievingly beautiful instead, there would be less confusion around the world. A while ago, women’s body was always sexy without conditioning or restrictions. It wasn’t necessary to have a flat stomach or a big booty. Feeling like we needed to look in a certain way wasn’t a thing at all: being curvy was sexy. Being thin was sexy. That’s because women’s body is always wonderful and no on what’s the right to say we are “not enough” because we are different.

Does this make me a feminist, well, I’m a feminist then, I respect everyone. I dream about strong and confident women, bit also about me who can define themselves as feminist, because I want our fight to be fought by everyone. Me and women together: this is the real cure against vulgarity. To me, a man that takes vantage of a woman is gross. Just as it’s gross to see women who can’t say what they think and what’s better for their bodies. I think that if we keep looking for ways to negatively label our naked, we’ll lost once again the chance to see new generations being born in a freedom. And if we keep acting like this girls will never learn how to love themselves.

(The original was written in Italian. English translation by @DirtyPeachBels)

Vogue Italia


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