19.05: ‘Okja’ Screening, 70th annual Cannes Film Festival

‘Okja’ Screening, 70th annual Cannes Film Festival








Bella Hadid just admitted she’s trolling you with her Instagram feed

One look at model Bella Hadid‘s Instagram account and you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit dizzy with jet lag, such is her enviable lifestyle traveling around the world every other week. In recent weeks, the 20-year-old has been spotted driving sports cars in Dubai, posing for photos on a yacht with her friends off the shore of the famous Atlantis the Palm hotel, doing promo for her latest Dior make-up collaboration in London and storming the Met Gala runway in a see-through Alexander Wang catsuit in New York.

Just last week she was seen posing on a jet ski alongside her BFF and fellow model, Kendall Jenner, during a quick getaway to an undisclosed exotic location, before flying back to London to celebrate the launch of her clothing line, Chrome Hearts +Bella, at Selfridges. However, if Bella’s Instagram has you thinking she spends the majority of her time on flights across the world, dressed in figure-flaunting bikinis and catching the sunrays with her famous BFFs, think again. It’s all a ruse, according to the Californian model.

It’s crazy because it looks like I have a lot of downtime and vacations, especially when people look at my pictures online,’ Hadid told Compelo.

 ‘But the thing is that I don’t post every day when I’m working, but I will post old pictures from previous trips and things which makes it look like I’m on vacation a lot of the time, when actually I’m at work,’ she added.

And there’s us thinking she’d acquired a Harry Potter-inspired Time-Turner type device, helping her flit between time zones and golden sandy beaches.

The New York-based star also revealed her ‘real intense’ work ethic, that sees her working flat out for several months, with barely anytime for rest and relaxation.

People think that in between I have so much time off but I only ever take two days off every two weeks, at the maximum.

‘I’m a workaholic. I will go somewhere so that I can breathe and really take a break and get my thoughts back together before I have to go back to everything,’ she admits.

While it’s a wee bit hard to sympathise with someone whose job sees them traveling across the world to the most luxurious spots, dining in the best restaurants and meeting some of the world’s most important power-players, you have to hand it to Bella, it sounds like a pretty tiresome lifestyle.

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Bella for ‘032C’ magazine


17.05: ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ premiere during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival

17.05: Bella at ‘Promenade de la Croisette’


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