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December 2, 2018

When we met Bella Hadid last week, she had flown in from a whirlwind weekend in Dubai, and was flying off to Tokyo in 24 hours. A Tag Heuer party planned in her honour was 3 hours away, yet here she was, smiling, chipper and fresh as a daisy. Scores of fans congregated outside the Swiss watchmaker’s boutique in The Gardens Mall, hoping to catch another glimpse of the model, dressed in an all-silver ensemble and snake motif gogo boots. It was her first visit in Malaysia, and we had 5 precious minutes to catch up to her. Within that timespan, we discovered there’s more to Bella than meets the eye, that no amount of social media impressions can capture.

What are the fun privileges you enjoy most as the face of Tag Heuer?

“It’s probably travelling to great place like Kuala Lumpur. We went to the F1 Grand Prix race awhile ago in Monaco, and it was a great experience to be with the entire Tag Heuer team. To meet everybody, to really get to know the brand and the watches. I might be able to go to Switzerland to see how they’re made and that’s a big learning experience. With modelling, you go in and out of shoots, you see your pictures, and that’s it. With Tag Heuer I get to learn and experience things and it’s such a blessing to be able do so.”

What are the characteristics you share with the brand, as an individual?

“As a woman – I don’t know if you would say this about me – when I feel strong I feel like a part of Tag Heuer. I don’t feel strong all the time, but for sure. that’s our similarity. To me, Tag Heuer is super classic and I hope to be like that in the future. Tag Heuer has been around a long time, so I hope I will stay classic too.”

Let’s talk routines: are you more of a morning or night person?

“I’m a big, big night person. I just don’t like to wake up in the morning but once I’m up, I can go and I think a lot. I don’t like to go out as much as before; I like to be at home in bed at night.”

Your life is super busy. What do you wish you had more time for?

“More time for my friends and family. I try to give them as much time as I can when I’m home. Usually when I’m home, my girlfriends meet me at my house or come to the airport because when I’m home it’s to repack then leave. I have to make as much time as I can for my sister and best friends, make sure I see my mum and brother to remind them I love them, because when I’m gone, it’s for awhile.”

Can you share a favourite memory?

“This is my favourite memory! Probably just riding my horses when I was younger. Now we have a farm so we have our horses there. I’m just excited about continuing to make memories.”

Lastly, what advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

“It’s going to get better. Stay confident in who you are, don’t let people tell you what you are supposed to be and just to remember, to come back to your roots constantly and be yourself.”

Source: Malaysia Tatler


November 27, 2018

Who knew runway modeling could be such a dangerous and bloody job? Bella Hadid is such a pro that she once hit the catwalk bleeding after a zipper cut her skin open, but the show had to go on. At a Tag Heuer promotional event in Malaysia on Nov. 26, she shared the scary story. A host asked her if she’d ever had a “Don’t crack under pressure moment” and the 22-year-old admitted “there are a lot of stressful situations” in her line of work but that one very painful situation forced her to walk down a runway with blood dripping from her side.

One moment that was painful and stressful was at a fashion show and they were about to push me onto the runway and my dress broke and they had to zip it up. And they were ripping my skin as they were zipping it up. And so the side of my dress was bleeding and I had to hold my dress up like this while I was walking,” Bella explained, holding up her grey blazer to her left side as if she was covering something up as she motioned to walk.

Oh it was big,” she said of the ripping zipper. “It was a tight dress and they kept doing it. It was painful and I still walked and tried not to crack under pressure. I was bleeding but it worked,” Bella revealed with a look of triumph on her face. We can’t even find any pics of Bella walking a runway in a dress with blood on it so she really did an ace job of covering her zipper injury and going on with the show.

Bella is one of the most in-demand models in the world and she made sure not to identify which designer’s zipper broke and whose team it was that manhandled her body so badly. It definitely wouldn’t reflect well on the brand so she kept tight-lipped about which show left her bloodied on a catwalk. But whoever it was, she did them proud by covering up her blood stains while crushing it on the runway.

Source: Hollywood Life

November 26, 2018

Bella Hadid attend a Tag Heuer event, and was seen during a meet-and-greet at the boutique at The Gardens Mall, in KL.  Hadid was appointed as Tag Heuer’s ambassador in 2017. Since then, she has been seen in numerous campaigns, and even a watch named after her The Link Lady “Bella Hadid” – based on the Swiss watchmaker’s most feminine model – is a limited-edition creation with just 500 editions. It was released in December last year.

Iconic, powerful, classic,” Hadid said, when asked to describe Tag Heuer. She also spoke about her experience as ambassador when met in KL. “There’s been so many people who have worked with Tag Heuer before me. And to come after these athletes, actors and other stars is really a blessing.



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November 22, 2018

Mickey mouse 90 years! Representatives of the fashion industry were unable to ignore the anniversary of the most popular character of The Walt Disney Company, which became a symbol of American pop culture. Edition Chaos Sixty Nine gave him the latest issue, inviting designers and models to come up with a cover in the style of the famous mouse.

Bella Hadid and more models posed in the images, inspired by cartoon characters.


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