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Vogue British: Backstage at #VSFS2017 with Bella Hadid

BACKSTAGE at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show while three hair stylists fastened extensions into her glossy brown crop, Miss Vogue caught up with Bella Hadid to ask her how being a fully-fledged street-style pin-up feels, and where she looks to for wardrobe inspiration.

I like to keep my style true to myself, but I look to magazines like British Vogue all the time. Not just modern issues, but vintage ones too,” she explained. “Of course, I like modern style, but more so things that are back in the day to keep things cool.

I’ve collected vintage pieces for the last eight years from all over the world, and I usually pair them with with new items,” the catwalk star continued. “To be able to put new and old things together, and designer pieces with completely random pieces, is a beautiful thing for me.

How does the 21-year-old get dressed in the morning? “Sometimes I put something on and think this is the weirdest piece ever, but I love it and sometimes I don’t care what people think,” she said, before adding: “Sometimes I have a major piece that I want to wear that day and I’ll put my look together around that, but for work I might just throw on a big sweater and jeans. It really just depends on the day and if I’m in the mood to wear a ‘look’”.

On sharing clothes with Gigi, she laughed: “We’re sisters, so like everyone we share clothes. Growing up we used to share clothes a lot but now she gets really angry at me if I don’t bring things back. Now we have an agreement that I have to return things and she has to return things to keep borrowing from each other.

Source: Vogue UK

Happy Birthday Bella!

Today Bella turns 21! We want to wish her the best of birthdays! We wish happiness, health and love!

Happy Birthday!

We are on Facebook!

Bella Hadid Source is now on Facebook. Please like our page to know all news about Bella.

Celebrating 1 Year Online!

Exactly 1 year ago, on August 21, Bella Hadid Source was born. This fansite is first, because when I opened it there were no other fansites that were dedicated only to Bella. When I saw Bella at the end of 2015, I really liked her and I realized that she will have a good future in the modeling business.

Now we are celebrating our first anniversar and it’s amazing. Why? Because I love this site and Bella gave me the motivation to work on the site. Also I didn’t think that this site would be visited by so many people and Bella! Yeah, for this year we have achieved a lot. What exactly? Bella started follow us on Twitter, found out that we exist  and visited the site.

I want to thank Bella. You inspire not only us, but also the younger generation.  You are very beautiful, cheerful and with a good heart (I’m sure that you have a lot of good qualities). Also I want to thank my host, Free Fansite Hosting, for giving me the chance to run this fansite and make my dream come true!

And of cource I want to say a thank you to all my visitors! Thank you for your tweets, comments and for visiting the site. This is important not only for us but also for Bella, because you show your support and admiration.

Happy Birthday Bella Hadid Source!

StarStyle: Bella Hadid joins sister Gigi as the new face of Penshoppe

Since Bella Hadid’s modeling debut in 2013, she has been in hot demand in the fashion industry. From red carpet to runway, 22-year-old model has handled the fame and scrutiny with poise and style. Nevertheless, it should be no surprise that powerhouse brand Penshoppe is one of the fashion brands that had set their sights on her. After launching her sister Gigi’s campaign last year, Penshoppe finally welcomed the younger Hadid sister into their brand’s A-list roster. The jet-setting model is now being launched in the denim campaign this August and we got to witness the making of this highly anticipated campaign.

Set in sunny LA, the location for the campaign shoot was surrounded with graffiti tagged walls and abandoned warehouses making it the perfect setting for the “Generation Now” collection. In the midst of the lights, cameras, and photo crew is the fresh faced Bella Hadid moving effortlessly with each click of the camera. However, this Malibu girl is not taking the shoot too seriously, you can see her lighthearted side as she tries to jump on the videographer’s skateboard in between changes. She laughs then jokingly tells the team “I dabble [in skateboarding]” as she skates away. Living in the public eye, its great to see this living mannequin be so sweet and kind in real life.

As the sun shifts from high noon to the golden sunset, you can tell that she knows all the right angles and can transform from sexy to playful with each shutter of the camera. At the end of the shoot day, we settle back in her trailer and talk about how she feels to be the face of such a prestigious Asian brand, who her favorite supermodel is, and how often she steals her sister’s clothes.

Who would you trade lives for a day?
I don’t know…I have to think about that one.

What’s your guilty pleasure song?
It’s probably “Attention” by Charlie Puth. I love it. It’s my favorite thing and I’ll always blast it. It’s amazing.

What’s your worst habit?
It would have been biting my nails but I stopped…I think…kind of…but that’s my worst habit.

Who’s your favorite supermodel?
Giselle [Bundchen].

Who was your first Hollywood crush?
Johnny Depp.

What movie always makes your cry?
I cry every time at every movie. I can’t even pick one. (Laughs)

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Its when people talk over each other… One person needs to talk at one time. (Laughs)

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I think 16.

How often did you steal your sister’s clothes?
I think now, not some much cause we kind of keep locks on our closets. (Laughs) But definitely as a kid we would get into lots of fights it. I think that’s the only thing we got into fights about was stealing each other’s clothes.

What trend did you used to hate but fell in love with?
Low-waist jeans. I used to not like low-waist jeans and now I think they are so cute.

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