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W Magazine: Bella Hadid wants to remind women they don’t need a man to buy them diamonds


While she is certainly no stranger to fronting large campaigns, Bella Hadid still finds excitement in seeing her face on a big screen. Ahead of the unveiling of her billboard for the Bulgari B Zero I collection, the model admitted that she’s still thrilled by the opportunity to grace the biggest billboard in Times Square, calling it a “full circle” experience, since Times Square is where it all started for her just a few years ago. “That’s when I would have to drive up and do interviews and go to Condé Nast when it was still up here. Now, it’s full circle. We’re back!” she told W.

In the future, maybe Bella Hadid herself will be the one to direct her own campaign that ends up on a giant billboard in the middle of the city. “I love art direction and I love being creative. I have dreams about the shoots I want to do, and before I go to set I already know the way it’s supposed to be and I really love that aspect of our job and the industry,” she said. “At the end of the day, every single set is about a work of art and about making the most beautiful photo or video that you could possibly make. For now, this is my passion, but I definitely want to do more of the photography, art direction, video kind of vibe.”

The Bulgari collection also has a special connection to another Hadid (of no relation to the model), with rings designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, each of which hold a different meaning and embody the legacy of the groundbreaking designer. “The designers are very strong and it’s about empowering women. Even empowering men! We can empower everybody,” the model told W. “We don’t have to be solely about women, but for me, since I’m a woman, of course I want to say let’s be strong women together. But I think it’s definitely about being able to come together as a whole. If you don’t have a man to buy you diamonds, you can be the man who buys the diamonds for yourself,” she went on.

It would be impossible to chat with Hadid about jewelry and not discuss the topic of gift giving when Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The model wants you to know that even though jewels may seem like the perfect gift for the romantic occasion, there’s also nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in a while. “What’s beautiful about this collection is that it’s all about a strong woman. It’s about a strong woman who can buy her diamonds herself,” Hadid said. “If you have a boyfriend that you want to buy you diamonds and jewelry you can [do that], but if you’re a beautiful, single woman and you want to buy yourself these diamonds, you can also do that!” she continued. As for her own Valentine’s Day plans, Hadid sheepishly revealed she has yet to determine what will be on the agenda for that romantic day. “I’ll probably just be with my girlfriends,” she laughed. Besides, who needs romance when you have a supportive crew of model friends to rely on instead?

Source: W Magazine

10 Magazine: Five minutes with Bella Hadid in the brand new TAG Heuer Store

We can think of worse ways to spend our Friday evening than with gorgeous lady supermodel Bella Hadid, as we did last Friday, with champagne, as she opened TAG Heuer’s brand new flagship store on Oxford Street. Get us! Ms Hadid, the latest TAG Heuer ambassador, was there to celebrate not only the store, but the “Link Lady Bella Hadid Limited Edition” watch made in her honour – TAG’s classic link lady constructed here in matte black ceramic and studded with twelve diamonds. Here, we have a natter with the gorgeous Bella (and ask her some dodgy time-based questions). Read on…

JACK MOSS: Starting with the watch – what’s it like having a watch inspired by you? What was it like when you first put it on?
BH: I never knew how cool it would be to have a watch inspired by me until I had a watch inspired by me! I’ve seen it grow but today’s the first time I saw it in person – it’s so beautiful, it’s a great feeling. I mean, I love diamonds, I love the black.

JM: Actually, that runs into my next question – is there anything better than diamonds? 
BH: I think in life there are a lot of things better than diamonds – but as an accessory I think diamonds are number one!

JM: Good answer. And do you have a watch for all occasions, or are you a one watch kind of woman?
BH: Well now, I think I’m a one watch kind of girl – the best part about this watch is I can wear it with this gown, but I can wear it every day too. It gives a cool edge to every outfit – I mean, this is a Ralph Lauren dress put with my little boots – with them and this watch it’s more me. It brings a little of myself to the look.

JM: If you could stop time completely, what would you do?
BH: I think if I could stop time I would probably go everywhere in the world and tell everyone I love how much I love them, because there is never enough time to do that. It’s a hard question – maybe I’ll call you in a few days and tell you my real answer [laughs].

JM: And if you could relive a moment in time, what would it be? 
BH: Probably being in the womb – super warm in there, no bills, I don’t have to wear dresses… [laughs]

JM: No responsibilities!
BH: No responsibility up in there…

JM: Your favourite time of day?
BH: I’m such a night owl. I think night time – I’m not very good in the mornings, don’t talk to me for a couple of hours then, but nighttime I love. I love darkness, I love the intimacy of night. Sleep during the day and stay up all night!

JM: So, we’re in London – what’s your favourite thing about the city? What’s the first thing you do when you arrive? 
BH: My favourite thing about London is probably the people. And I love all the little parks when there is no one ruining it for me – all the people following and stuff. But I always try and go to at least one park and I just sit – my security Simon has ended up being a good friend of mine and I make him come to the park with me! Oh, and there is this one burger spot that I found five years ago but I couldn’t tell you the name of it because I have no fucking, fricking, idea… [laughs]

JM: It’s ok, you can swear!
BH: It’s the best burger I’ve had in my life and I can’t find it – I just know it has red table cloths and the best sauce I’ve ever had. I love burgers it’s so devastating!

JM: We’ll keep our eyes out for red table cloths…
BH: Please do, because I try to tell every single person that I meet here about it in the hope that one day someone will be like “oh my god, the place with the red table cloths, I know it, that’s in…!”

Source10 Magazine

Bella Hadid’s article for Vogue Italia

Bella Hadid’s article for Vogue Italia

Article that Bella wrote for Vogue Italia about loving yourself, body positivity, self confidence and feminism.


The body we have

by Bella Hadid


Why do I love this pic so much? Look at us: there’s me, there’s Taylor. Every single thing we are surrounded by is colourful and fun. And all of that amazing food! I remember I was trying not to laugh (it’s not easy to be serious while someone is trying to put pasta right on your boobs).

Your can feel Mert and Marcus’s vibes everywhere: what else can I say about them except that I love them? I grew up a lot as a model thanks to them. Since I first started working with them I told myself and my agent that they would’ve been the first ones I would’ve posed naked for, and that’s what happened. It’s not because of our friendship, they’re the only photographers who can make me feel sexy, creative and relaxed even while I’m naked. They taught me that naked means art, not vulgarity. So that’s why these pics are not just pics to me, they’re masterpieces. Making art with a group of people who are just as happy as you are a to create something fabulous is the best part of my job. It’s useful to share a message: love your body, girls. That’s the only one you have, if you have if you take care of it and never forget that health comes first, you will always feel unbeatable. You are sexy, you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you that you are not! And if they do it, then fuck them! It means they don’t deserve you. Remember that beauty has so many shapes, so many colours, types of skin and sizes: but if it’s true, it will always make you feel confident.  Now, I don’t wanna avoid the hottest topic at the moment: nudity. Obviously getting naked is not the only way to be powerful as women. I know it really well, but I’m sure that if we fought all together to show others that our naked body isn’t “gross” but unbelievingly beautiful instead, there would be less confusion around the world. A while ago, women’s body was always sexy without conditioning or restrictions. It wasn’t necessary to have a flat stomach or a big booty. Feeling like we needed to look in a certain way wasn’t a thing at all: being curvy was sexy. Being thin was sexy. That’s because women’s body is always wonderful and no on what’s the right to say we are “not enough” because we are different.

Does this make me a feminist, well, I’m a feminist then, I respect everyone. I dream about strong and confident women, bit also about me who can define themselves as feminist, because I want our fight to be fought by everyone. Me and women together: this is the real cure against vulgarity. To me, a man that takes vantage of a woman is gross. Just as it’s gross to see women who can’t say what they think and what’s better for their bodies. I think that if we keep looking for ways to negatively label our naked, we’ll lost once again the chance to see new generations being born in a freedom. And if we keep acting like this girls will never learn how to love themselves.

(The original was written in Italian. English translation by @DirtyPeachBels)

Vogue: Bella Hadid has someone special in the audience this Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

For Bella Hadid, nothing competes with the Victoria’s Secret experience. “I’ve done a hundred different runways this year, but I think this one is truly special,” the star shared backstage at the lingerie giant’s Shanghai show. As one of the world’s busiest models, Hadid is used to crossing the globe for fashion, regularly jetting to Milan for Versace or heading to the Palais-Royal each season for Chanel. Though work provides her with plenty of excitement, getting the chance to do VS is always meaningful. Hadid grew up watching the show and looking up to Angels like Gisele Bündchen, then made her debut for the brand last year. Though she made headlines for strutting with her sister Gigi and past her ex The Weeknd, Hadid simply enjoyed getting to fulfill a lifelong dream. “Getting out on that runway is probably one of the best feelings in the world—just to walk and feel the energy of the crowd,” she said.

With two looks scheduled for this year, Hadid is set to make an onstage impact yet again, but the wild costumes and wings aren’t what keep her interested. At the end of the day it’s all about teamwork. “Obviously our outfits are amazing, but to even go backstage and see all the time, effort, sweat, and tears that every person puts into this show is incredible,” she said, name-checking VS creative officer Ed Razek and the hundreds who come together each year to bring the event to life. “It is great seeing them watch the show and see their final product. Plus, all the girls have worked really hard to be here—I’m energized and ready to go!

Having things in Shanghai has helped to keep Hadid’s energy level up. While she admits there hasn’t been time or much sightseeing, she’s been inspired by the location and its people. “I was just in China a few months ago, so I’m excited to be able to see another part of it,” said Hadid. “The fans here have so much energy, the smiles on their faces and their sweetness kind of makes us want to get up on that stage and work it.” Speaking of which, Hadid will have a very special admirer in the audience—her father, Mohammed. “My dad’s here this year—I didn’t even know he was coming and all of a sudden he’s in China!” said Hadid of her pre-show surprise. “I’m so happy that he’s here, I can’t even believe it.

Source: Vogue

Bella Hadid nominated for 2017 Model of the Year

The Fashion Awards will take place at London’s Royal Albert Hall on December 4!

Model of the Year

Adwoa Aboah

Bella Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Kaia Gerber

Winnie Harlow

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