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Rapid Fire Questions with Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett

Bella Hadid Has Been Confirmed for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

When the ecstatic Instagram posts started rolling in earlier this week from models celebrating the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show casting announcements, a couple models were notably absent from the social media festivities. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid were not among the women spotted entering and leaving the Manhattan offices where castings were held, leading many to assume they were not on this year’s lineup. But, as she announced in an Instagram post Saturday night, Bella Hadid, at least, is officially walking in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The first hint appeared on her Instagram stories the previous day—Hadid, swathed in one of the lingerie brand’s trademark hot pink silk robes, mugged for the camera in a short video. Then, on Saturday, she arrived at the Victoria’s Secret casting offices for a fitting—after all the other models already had their go—wearing light-washed jeans, a white bustier and white button down, and white stilettos. Finally, that same evening, she posted another image of herself wearing a simple black bra with a slate-grey silk robe falling from her shoulders. In the caption, she announced the news in the same jubilant manner as her peers like Devon Windsor, Grace Elizabeth, Maria Borges, and others: “I feel so crazy humbled to get the opportunity to be a part of this show again…Walking into the offices this year I felt so happy, healthy, and honored,” she wrote. “I can’t wait for another incredible experience!!! Congrats to all of the beautiful ladies I will be walking beside.” The whole thing, apparently, took less than a day—apparently a foregone conclusion for the woman who had made the biggest news of the previous year’s show.

Last year, Hadid made her Victoria’s Secret debut, walking the same runway as her elder sister—and her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, who performed during the show. It was, in essence, the ultimate breakup fantasy: Hadid powered down the runway in luxurious lingerie while her ex boyfriend looked on. In one look, she wore a flinty grey corset and lace bra, a silk chiffon robe billowing behind her; in a second, she wore a blue, crystal-embellished long-sleeved top and underwear with feather details. All this is to say, Hadid’s second outing on the Victoria’s Secret runway—reportedly in Shanghai this year, in lieu of last year’s Paris—has a lot to live up to.

It’s good to know that, while Hadid is re-devoting herself to equestrianism and putting in substantial hours as the new face of Bulgari, she’s still making time for one of the glitziest fashion events of the year. And Hadid’s tardiness serves to show there’s still time for Gigi and Kendall to join in on the occasion, too.


First look: Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett cover Vogue Australia’s September 2017 issue

First look: Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett cover Vogue Australia’s September 2017 issue

In this issue, which hits stands on August 28, renowned art photographer Jackie Nickerson has photographed Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett together for the first time.

Photographed by Jackie Nickerson and styled by Vogue’s fashion director Christine Centenera, Bella Hadid wears Prada, and Jordan Barrett wears a Burberry shirt and Akira shorts, on the cover of Vogue Australia’s September 2017 issue.

Models Hadid and Barrett, who are also close friends, have been photographed together for the first time for this very special issue of Vogue, and interviewed together by Derek Blasberg.

We’ve done fashion shows together, but this is our first time in front of the camera,” Hadid shares with Blasberg in the cover interview. “We’ve been such good friends that it was super natural and fun,” adds Barrett.

The interview made headlines when paparazzi photographed it taking place at Bella’s New York apartment. Bella and Jordan were interviewed by Blasberg for the cover story, and it was Blasberg to whom they were speaking via FaceTime in the paparazzi images.

In the interview the pair chat about everything from how they met to their rise to the top of the fashion industry – and clarify whether or not they’re dating.

We met one of my first days in New York. We both were meeting Hailey [Baldwin] at a hotel in SoHo. It was like my third day here,” says Barrett on how the pair met.

And you guys immediately started dating, right?” asks Blasberg. “Ha, we never dated, Derek! We’re like best friends, which is much better for both of us. Actually, he’s like a brother,” says Hadid.

Weighing in on fame, Barrett says: “It’s different, but you get used to it. It’s a lot of flying and you never are in the same place for more than two days.

What I think nobody understands, especially [for] Jordan, is that he never gets to see his family. My mum got a place in New York, and I get to see my sister every couple of weeks, but we’re basically on a plane every three days. That’s probably the hardest part. But we’re blessed and we love it.”

Asked to describe each other in two words, Hadid says: “Energy and vibes.” Barrett’s answer? “The. Best.

Font: Vogue Australia

StarStyle: Bella Hadid joins sister Gigi as the new face of Penshoppe

Since Bella Hadid’s modeling debut in 2013, she has been in hot demand in the fashion industry. From red carpet to runway, 22-year-old model has handled the fame and scrutiny with poise and style. Nevertheless, it should be no surprise that powerhouse brand Penshoppe is one of the fashion brands that had set their sights on her. After launching her sister Gigi’s campaign last year, Penshoppe finally welcomed the younger Hadid sister into their brand’s A-list roster. The jet-setting model is now being launched in the denim campaign this August and we got to witness the making of this highly anticipated campaign.

Set in sunny LA, the location for the campaign shoot was surrounded with graffiti tagged walls and abandoned warehouses making it the perfect setting for the “Generation Now” collection. In the midst of the lights, cameras, and photo crew is the fresh faced Bella Hadid moving effortlessly with each click of the camera. However, this Malibu girl is not taking the shoot too seriously, you can see her lighthearted side as she tries to jump on the videographer’s skateboard in between changes. She laughs then jokingly tells the team “I dabble [in skateboarding]” as she skates away. Living in the public eye, its great to see this living mannequin be so sweet and kind in real life.

As the sun shifts from high noon to the golden sunset, you can tell that she knows all the right angles and can transform from sexy to playful with each shutter of the camera. At the end of the shoot day, we settle back in her trailer and talk about how she feels to be the face of such a prestigious Asian brand, who her favorite supermodel is, and how often she steals her sister’s clothes.

Who would you trade lives for a day?
I don’t know…I have to think about that one.

What’s your guilty pleasure song?
It’s probably “Attention” by Charlie Puth. I love it. It’s my favorite thing and I’ll always blast it. It’s amazing.

What’s your worst habit?
It would have been biting my nails but I stopped…I think…kind of…but that’s my worst habit.

Who’s your favorite supermodel?
Giselle [Bundchen].

Who was your first Hollywood crush?
Johnny Depp.

What movie always makes your cry?
I cry every time at every movie. I can’t even pick one. (Laughs)

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Its when people talk over each other… One person needs to talk at one time. (Laughs)

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I think 16.

How often did you steal your sister’s clothes?
I think now, not some much cause we kind of keep locks on our closets. (Laughs) But definitely as a kid we would get into lots of fights it. I think that’s the only thing we got into fights about was stealing each other’s clothes.

What trend did you used to hate but fell in love with?
Low-waist jeans. I used to not like low-waist jeans and now I think they are so cute.

Font: StarStyle

Bella Hadid: ‘This is my best kept secret for getting flawless skin’

Bella Hadid: ‘This is my best kept secret for getting flawless skin’

With 14.3 million Instagram followers, Bella Hadid needs no introduction. Gracing covers and campaigns around the world, the it-girl & supermodel lets us in on her skincare & makeup tips & tricks. Let’s face it, Bella Hadid’s beauty looks are A*.

But first of all, we had to ask her about her dream Instagram filter. She told us: “If I were to design a filter I would choose one that makes your skin look super glowy. I love a pared-down natural look so I love filters that make your eyes a little bluer and make your skin look like you want it to everyday; gorgeous and glowing.”

She also revealed her beauty girl crushes: “My two girl crushes are India Love and Rihanna. They are such an inspiration through their style and beauty. I also love my fan accounts. I’m best friends with all of them but have never met them. There are so many beautiful women on Instagram.

We also had to ask her for her step-by-step beauty routine. It turns out that she nails it just with three easy steps…

Rule One: Prep

I love doing face masks! They are my best kept secret for flawless skin and keeping my make up in place. They also make the best treat for a girls-night-in pamper. In my busy schedule, my mask time is me time. It’s sometimes hard to find a spare 10 minutes but when I do I choose to relax and let my mask work its magic. It leaves my skin instantly plumped and glowing and acts as the perfect base resulting in #Nofilterneeded makeup. My favourite is Fresh Jelly Mask £44 Dior.

Rule Two: Apply

When it comes to makeup I like to keep it simple. I tend to opt for a look that focuses on my eyes rather than lips. For every day, I pair minimal make-up with lashings of mascara. Whether you’re wearing mascara or not, always curl your lashes- it makes all the difference!” Eyelash Curlers £12 Eyeko.

Mascara is my go-to. You can get so many looks from one product- from baby lashes to va-va voom volume you can have it all with one wand. Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara £25.50 Dior leaves my lashes super long but natural, it’s like I’m wearing falsies. I don’t usually wear mascara on my bottom lashes but for an occasion I love to add one or two coats to take my look from day to night. When I wear shadow I love gold-taupe shades as they compliment my highlight that I am never without.” Bella loves 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Adore £45 Dior.

Rule Three: Maintain

I have a new love of my life… loose powder! It’s amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. I carry it everywhere with me. It’s great for when you are on the go and need to re-set your base. Being in the limelight means I always need to look my best so topping up is a must. I apply powder down my t-zone and nose, concealing where needed.

Glamour loves Mineral Veil £21 Bareminerals.

For a flawless pro-like finish I swear by buffing your foundation into your skin using a beauty blender.” GLAMOUR loves Silicon Sponge £14 MakeupDrop.”

Rule Four: Amp it up

For an amped up look I add an elegant, feline flick in either black or brown liner or, if I really want to make a bold beauty statement, I like to add a pop of colour to my look. My favourite shade is cobalt blue, it’s fun but still wearable.” Chisel Liner in black £16 Ciate.

Font: Glamour


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